What to Look for in a Hair Restoration Doctor

FixedDSC_0110Choosing a doctor is the most important decision you can make regarding hair restoration, and it is important to select a surgeon to do the procedure. We want you to make the right choice. Micrograft surgery is the state-of-the-art, gold standard, and therefore the intelligent procedure for hair restoration in both men and women. The doctor you choose will directly affect the result and satisfaction you have with your procedure.

Some doctors and technicians will tell you that anyone can do micrograft surgery, but it is only common sense that surgeons who have many years of experience in handling tissue—cutting, suturing, and dealing with the health of the entire body—are more qualified than anyone else to do micrograft hair transplantation.

We want you to be informed about the surgeon’s credentials, experience, and reputation. Dr. Wesley Hall is one of the most respected surgeons in the state of Nevada, and has been in the practice of surgery for 35 years. His father was a prominent surgeon in Nevada, and served as president of the American Medical Association. His son, Dr. Wesley Hall Jr., is currently an outstanding plastic surgeon in Reno. Hall & Wrye Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Akros Hair Restoration share the same office.

Some people will say the micrograft hair restoration procedure is the same everywhere—it’s just about the cost! We do not believe that is a true statement. Here’s why: Akros—the ancient Greek word for top, pinnacle—is all about excellence. One surgeon, one patient, one purpose. Dr. Hall and Akros Hair Restoration offer the most professional and personal service you can find anywhere.

This is not a small industry or a “hair mill” in the business of selling expensive hair products and hype. Ours is not a temporary address where the doctor relies on robots and message machines to sell business. Our medical office is a unique blend of surgical expertise, a warm and caring staff, and fine art.

AND you will be pleased with the cost of your procedure! We encourage you to compare our service with others.

Dr. Hall and his staff offer professional and confidential care with the assurance that you are simply getting the best in price and results.

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